Our Clients:


"Savoie Nolan Architecture, specifically Ken Savoie and John Fennell, designed the major renovation (essentially a complete interior gut with a 2nd floor addition) of our Ipswich home.  Not only did they do a wonderful job, but they did it very efficiently, coming in under the architectural services estimate.  They did this by listening carefully and thoughtfully to our ideas, preferences and family needs.  Our home is just under 1500 square feet so every inch had to be usable/functional space, and it is.   From the lovely staircase with the storage areas underneath, to the design of functional hallways, to the super-efficient pantry, our little spot performs like a 2500 square foot home.  We enjoyed the process of Working with the Savoie Nolan team and are thrilled with the final product."

- Jackie


"Our home is everything we wanted, and we speak often of how wonderfully you translated the feeling we wanted into a reality.  there have been some things that we love more than we expected to (the side deck for one), but there is not one thing in the house that we look at and think we should have done something else.  We are very grateful to you!"

- Lorraine


"Thank you for designing the most beautiful home we've ever know - our little paradise.  it exceeds all of our expectations.  you're a true artist."  

- Mary Ann + Glenn


"Hiring you was the single best decision we made during this entire process.  You were such a pleasure to work with; in fact, just yesterday we were talking about how we miss having you around!  And we are absolutely thrilled with the end result of your work.  All of your help selecting colors, flooring, lightings, etc. was something we never expected, but for which we are so grateful."

- Ben + Marylou

The Pros:


"In addition to their consistent, quality designs, Ken and Bill provide timely responses to questions that arise and keep open lines of communication throughout every project."

- Shawn Curran

Curran & Sons Construction Inc.


"I have been doing projects for Savoie Nolan Architects for approximately 8 years.  I have been building custom homes and custom renovation projects for 38 plus years.  Savoie Nolan are not like most firms I worked for.  They listen.  Most architects act as if their work is final and not to be questioned.  Ken and Bill have always listened to points I have made and work together as a team.  Not to say I know more than them.  but they will entertain my ideas.  There are always issues.  I have always been treated as a professional and not as a worker needing to be spoon fed.  I have found a number of architects we have worked for seem to feel that it needs to be an adversarial relationship.  Not so with Ken and Bill.  its more like working with a friend.  Make no mistake if they want it done a certain way it will be done that way.  I  always felt my opinion mattered.  Its hard enough to get a project done, Savoie Nolan helps to make it easier."    

- Rober A. Imlach, Jr.

Sawazy & Alexander LLC


"Savoie Nolan Architects has always been and remains one of our most important and valued professional resources. They bring years of experience, skill, dedication and knowledge in all aspects of architectural practice. They are always responsive and committed to achieving the client’s objectives in every project.  We have found their personal commitment, collaboration, and involvement to be one of the best in the business."

- Sean Costello

Costello Construction & Remodeling Inc.


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